CREtech Represent New Tools and Opportunities

Tom Bodden
February 2020
Technology is reaching deeper into the commercial real estate domain, prompting a variety of relevant questions. These include: How do professionals in the real estate industry use CREtech? What are some newest CREtech trends to look for?

Spaces That Work: NeoCon 2019

Guest Blogger: Alexis Sheehan - Sheehans Office Interiors January 2020 NeoCon 2019 brought into sharper focus many of the themes we first saw emerge in 2018. Almost all manufacturers highlighted a variety of settings across focus and collaboration, the blurred line between work and play and the importance of hospitality, wellbeing, flexibility, and access [...]


Worcester Has Momentum and Outside Developers Are Paying Attention

James G. Umphrey – Principal
January 2020
We’ve seen it in cartoons. The kids on snow days do the field research. A snowball starts rolling from the top of a hill, gaining speed and mass along its journey. At a certain point, the sheer momentum appears to be doing the work, creating the magic that spurs the growth and the fuel. Worcester’s downtown development is starting to look like that snowball.

Opportunity for Build-to-Suit Industrial Warehouse Space in Worcester

Drew Higgins August 2019 Nationwide demand for urban warehouse space has outpaced supply in the past decade. Supply of Industrial Warehouse Space in U.S. Before the recession occurred in 2008, there was a fair amount of new warehouse construction. But the recession led companies to vacate their industrial real estate. When the recovery from [...]


How Technology Is Changing Commercial Real Estate

Tom Bodden July 2019 Technology is changing our modern world at an exponential rate while affecting every industry in its path, some quicker than others. For example, by the time you get your hands on the newest smart phone or laptop computer, the companies have already developed its successor, making that brand-new device virtually obsolete. [...]


Consider Relocating Your Company To Worcester

Jim Egan July 2019

Worcester has among some of the best physical and intellectual infrastructure for doing business in New England. Centrally located, Worcester is the second largest city in the region with a growing population of 185,000+ people. Easy access, leading universities, top medical institutions, vibrant cultural and entertainment options, as well as a low cost of living make Worcester an increasingly attractive option for employers and employees. When you move to Worcester, the ever-expanding infrastructure of the city will have a direct and significant impact on your business.

Commercial Real Estate Leasing “101” – Definitions and Types Explained

David Cohen – Vice President March 2019 In the commercial real estate market, there is confusion from potential tenants over the many different type of leases and different terminology that is used for similar meanings. To simplify the process, below are the three basic types of leases one may encounter while looking to lease commercial [...]

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