James G. Umphrey – Principal
June 2019

In early 2016, the Baker-Polito Administration announced the formation of the Worcester Biomanufacturing Taskforce to pursue the establishment of a biomanufacturing cluster in Worcester, utilizing the Administration’s “Open for Business” initiative.

A year later, The Worcester Business Development Corporation (WBDC) through its wholly-owned subsidiary, New Garden Park, Inc. (NGP), purchased 46 acres of former Worcester State Hospital land from the Commonwealth with the vision providing new and innovative opportunities for the emerging biomanufacturing cluster in Massachusetts.

Fast forward two years, the WBDC recently unveiled Worcester’s first master planned park focused on biomanufacturing calling it The Reactory. Located alongside UMass Medicine Science Park and the continually expanding UMass Medical School, The Reactory’s master plan allows for eight shovel-ready parcels that can accommodate up to 530,000 square feet of top-quality biomanufacturing facilities.

The new manufacturing park promises to bring up to 500 quality jobs and more to Worcester, in addition to the area’s continually expanding biomedical portfolio. About a third of the jobs to be created involve Ph.D.-level staff; a third involve bachelor’s or master’s degrees; and a third high school, including vocational school, level training.

Dynamic, Small-Batch Biomanufacturing Less Than One Hour From Kendal Square

The rise of genetically personalized medicine and the development of rare-disease treatments have sparked demand for a new type of biomanufacturing: facilities that can handle complex production requirements and deliver quality along with the flexibility to manufacture in smaller volumes.

Much of these biomedical research operations are being done within the Cambridge-Worcester biomedical corridor. Currently, these firms must travel great distances to find a manufacturing facility to develop small batches for testing and trials. And, for large-scale manufacturing they travel even further in places as distant as Asia.

With Boston-area real estate at a premium, it doesn’t make sense to build small batch manufacturing capacity there. Worcester, on the other hand, is perfectly positioned to help biotech companies go to market faster and cheaper. The City has lower costs, an existing biotech and biomedical footprint and a diversified, educated workforce.

Whether for specialized product lines or as a key interim step toward large-scale manufacturing, The Reactory offers the type of dynamic, nimble environment where R&D scientists can collaborate on-site with production experts to perfect manufacturing techniques. Close to Boston yet significantly less expensive, located in a city with a hip vibe and a thriving biotech community, The Reactory is ideally positioned to help biotech companies realize their entrepreneurial vision.


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