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In Massachusetts, life sciences is the second largest industry behind information technology, led by companies such as Sanofi Genzyme, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, AbbVie Bioresearch Center, Sunovian, Bristol- Myers Squibb, and Charles River Laboratories. All of these world-renowned companies have a presence and research locations in Worcester and Central Massachusetts.

Companies and institutions throughout Worcester and Central Massachusetts are active in main stream life science sectors – the primary sector related to “red” biotechnology with a focus on the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Additionally, research and development, pharmaceutical production, biotechnology, biochemical engineering, biomanufacturing and robotics are thriving throughout the region. Activity is at all levels in all stages of development – from research and incubation to commercial engineering and production. Building an adaptable organization for the future of biotech work space will be won and lost by which companies can attract and retain the most skilled workforce.

The highly technical demands and rapid pace of change in the life sciences sector can make real estate concerns a major issue. As Worcester has grown into a nationally significant biotech sector, our combination of local and industry knowledge has led to real benefits for many leading players. Our team has the experience to help emerging companies scale operations and to help all life science companies monetize underutilized assets and migrate to lower cost environments.

Properties in Focus

  • Research Laboratories
  • Incubator Facilities
  • Specialized Manufacturing/Production Facilities
  • Corporate Offices
  • Vivarium facilities
  • Clean room environments
  • Biomanufacturing site development

Relevant Experience

  • AbbVIE Bioresearch Center
  • Charles River Laboratories (formerly Agilux Laboratories)
  • Fresnius Medical Center
  • Liberty Biosecurity
  • Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives (“MBI”)
  • Metamark Genetics
  • Microbiotix, Inc.
  • Mustang Bio, Inc. (a subsidiary of Fortress Biotech)
  • Worcester Behavioral Innovations

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