Over the past four decades, we’ve built a uniquely broad and longstanding relationships with local, regional and national banks and credit unions. That means we’re able to introduce your mortgage application to more lenders who know this market better than anyone.

There’s also the quality of that introduction. We are known and trusted by the decision-makers at these lending institutions, who have come to appreciate the opportunities that Kelleher & Sadowsky has presented to them over the years. And because we know them, we know which ones are likeliest to respond, what they’re likely to ask, and how to negotiate on your behalf to get the best possible interest rate and loan covenants available at any given time.

Our mortgage brokerage team believes in strategy. That’s why we meet with you to discuss your goals and objectives, then work diligently to come up with the optimal commercial mortgage strategy based on property value, current prevailing interest rates, preferred amortization terms and recourse preferences. And we stay involved from start to finish to ensure a seamless process.