Telegram & Gazette
December 2021

The new development at 2 Mercantile is on the market, months before its highly anticipated restaurant is planned to open.

After more than $5.6 million in renovations, 2 Mercantile is for sale for $5.7 million. The highlight of 2 Mercantile is The Mercantile Rooftop Bar & Grill, a two-story, 500-seat restaurant, managed by Broadway Hospitality Group.

Announced December 2019, the 12,000-square-foot upscale sports bar was previously expected to open this fall but is now on track to open in 2022.

2 Mercantile Associates, LLC, an affiliate of Franklin Realty Advisors, redeveloped the existing two-story structure at 2 Mercantile St. in Worcester and executed a 15-year lease with Boston-based Broadway Hospitality Group.

Kelleher & Sadowsky Associates is facilitating the sale. Todd Alexander, executive vice president at Kelleher & Sadowsky, said Franklin Realty Advisors is selling 2 Mercantile to focus on more central assets.

“It’s not their core asset — they’re typically more of an office developer,” Alexander said of Franklin Reality Advisors. “This was always a free-standing building so their intent was to develop it and sell it from day one. It was never their intent to have a long term hold on it.”

Chip Norton of Franklin Realty Advisors said he had no comment about the decision to sell 2 Mercantile.

Alexander said 2 Mercantile was put on the market a couple months ago and has a number of interested buyers.

“There’s been some great activity on it actually,” he said.

As for The Mercantile, Alexander said the restaurant will be “the first of its kind” in Worcester.

By Isabel Sami