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    A recent survey by Resonai, a software company that develops solutions transforming physical spaces into smart digital environments, showed that commercial real estate is set to become the norm in the near future. In the survey “The State of Virtual Tours in Commercial Real Estate”, data was collected from 300 commercial real estate professionals in 2022.  Survey findings indicate that the commercial real estate industry is moving quickly away from traditional property tours:
    • 90% of commercial property tours will be virtual in the next 2 years;
    • 90% of commercial realtors who used virtual real estate tours reported an increase in revenue;
    • 86% of real estate companies generating between $50 and $500 million in revenue use virtual tours.
    When it comes to differences between commercial real estate industry segments, the survey found that the real estate segment that’s making the most use of virtual tours is hospitality (93%), followed by industrial real estate (84%).

    The report identified marketing improvement, better viewing experience, the ability to offer remote building tours, and building a positive brand image as the most important benefits that drive the adoption of real estate virtual tours.

    At Kelleher & Sadowsky, we have found that virtual tours are a remarkably efficient and effective way to show our property listings. Virtual tours allow prospective buyers or prospective tenants to view properties for as long as they want, as many times as they want, and whenever they want. Virtual tours save time not only for prospects but also for brokers, too. When prospects do come in for an in-person tour, they will be well-informed and better equipped to make a confident decision that day.

    Jay Umphrey
    Should you have any questions about this article – or any commercial real estate matter – please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or call me at 508-755-0707.