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Timberline Construction Expands to Worcester

Boston Real Estate Times
July 2023

Timberline Construction Corporation of Canton, Mass. announced an expansion to better service its clients in central and western Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. As of June 2023, the company officially opened its second office location in Worcester at 1 Mercantile Street.

Since 2020, Timberline has seen exponential growth, increasing our revenue to over $200M in 2022 and on target to exceed that goal for 2023 and beyond. Part of this growth has been working on several projects in central and western Mass, including Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives (MBI), Agilent and National Grid, just to name a few.

With this increase in project volume near Worcester, and as part of a larger strategic expansion that has been in the works, it was the right time to target new team members from the region who embody Timberline’s best-in-class mindset and commitment to being exceptional.

“Worcester is an economic engine for Massachusetts and we believe that it only has the potential to continue to grow,” said Steven P. Kelly, CEO of Timberline. “Having a presence in Worcester has always been a part of our expansion plan, and now was the time to make that commitment to capitalize on our presence in the area.”

In recent years the company has begun to build its team with high-value talent and continue to fill the company with strategic hires, including several seasoned design and construction professionals in Worcester.

“After hiring and onboarding dynamic professionals with deep experience and connections in the central and western Mass market,” said Steve Wassersug, President of Timberline, “we knew it was time to continue to pave our growth throughout the region.”

Timberline worked with Kelleher Sadowsky to solidify the new location at 1 Mercantile in the CitySquare area of downtown Worcester. As a vibrant area of the city, it is a perfect central location for amenities and our client’s projects. We are beyond proud of our people for allowing us to continue this momentum, consistently delivering successful projects for our clients with our project partners. We look forward to welcoming our employees and visitors to our new office in the coming months.