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Spaces That Work: Healthier Workspaces

Guest Blogger: Alexis SheehanSheehans Office Interiors
March 2020

Ergonomics is a term that is frequently used, but has many meanings. We know it plays a fundamental role in the health and performance of people and is closely tied to an individual’s wellness. But in today’s […]

CREtech Represent New Tools and Opportunities

Tom Bodden
February 2020
Technology is reaching deeper into the commercial real estate domain, prompting a variety of relevant questions. These include: How do professionals in the real estate industry use CREtech? What are some newest CREtech trends to look for?

Spaces That Work: NeoCon 2019

Guest Blogger: Alexis SheehanSheehans Office Interiors
January 2020

NeoCon 2019 brought into sharper focus many of the themes we first saw emerge in 2018.

Almost all manufacturers highlighted a variety of settings across focus and collaboration, the blurred line between work and play and the importance […]

Worcester Has Momentum and Outside Developers Are Paying Attention

James G. Umphrey – Principal
January 2020
We’ve seen it in cartoons. The kids on snow days do the field research. A snowball starts rolling from the top of a hill, gaining speed and mass along its journey. At a certain point, the sheer momentum appears to be doing the work, creating the magic that spurs the growth and the fuel. Worcester’s downtown development is starting to look like that snowball.