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You Should See What’s Happening Out West of Boston. It's Wild.

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    Recent Market Insights

    Central Mass / MetroWest

    Vacancies are down, rents are up, and more stores are opening than closing. Despite many believing the pandemic would be the end of brick-and-mortar as we know it, store owners are, posting some of their best numbers in years.

    Downtown Worcester

    Take a walk in downtown Worcester and its surrounding neighborhoods, and you'll see vibrant, bustling areas that highlight the transformative impact of the $565 million CitySquare development project.

    Central Mass / MetroWest

    Surging consumer spending and volatility in global supply chains have companies and developers scrambling for a limited amount of warehouse and distribution space.

    Central Mass / MetroWest

    During the California Gold Rush, early settlers were able to stake their claim and command the market. The cannabis market in Massachusetts in recent years has been no different.

    MetroWest / Central Mass / Worcester

    A key driver of searches in the region is finding facilities that can accommodate Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Another driver is the critically low capacity of biomanufacturing in the metro-Boston region.