Worcester Has Momentum and Outside Developers Are Paying Attention

James G. Umphrey – Principal
January 2020
We’ve seen it in cartoons. The kids on snow days do the field research. A snowball starts rolling from the top of a hill, gaining speed and mass along its journey. At a certain point, the sheer momentum appears to be doing the work, creating the magic that spurs the growth and the fuel. Worcester’s downtown development is starting to look like that snowball.

The Living Earth Helped Bring Healthy Eating To Worcester For 49 Years

William D. Kelleher, IV – Principal
January 2020
Like a toddler’s patient parents mimicking airplane sounds and motions with broccoli florets speared on the end of a fork, they set out to get the entire city of Worcester to “open wide.” Any parenting veteran knows the challenges when it comes to developing healthy eating habits in a youngster –– never mind an entire city. But 49 years ago, Albert and Magdalena Maykel, the owners of The Living Earth Natural Market & Café at 232 Chandler Street, set out on their demanding mission. They believed that people would eventually grow to both understand and appreciate the value of proper, quality nutrition.

Worcester Real Estate Podcast: Craig Blais, President and CEO of WBDC

October 2019
Join the Worcester Real Estate Podcast host Chris Naff as he speaks with Craig Blais (WBDC) about Worcester’s “incredible renaissance” and why he believes “it is definitely our time now”.

0:50 …What’s been driving Worcester to have the recognition it’s gotten?

2:20 …Twenty years ago, when a group of architects from Maine were […]