Fed Rate Cuts Represent Opportunities to Refinance at Lower Rates

Meghan Liddy - SVP Capital Markets August 2019 The most recent 25 basis point rate cut to the federal funds target rate wasn’t enough to keep the yield curve from inverting. The markets weren’t happy with the modest cut and more rate cuts are expected (some predict as many as 3 more cuts by [...]


Now Is The Time To Optimize Your Leverage And Lock In Your Cost Of Capital With Long -Term Refinancing

Meghan Liddy - SVP Capital Markets February 2019 There are many macroeconomic risks being discussed around the markets that an investor can’t control. Trade Talks, Monetary Policy, recession worries, market bubbles and fundamental and permanent market shifts (Amazon Effect)– to name a few. There is a lot for an investor to consider when pondering their [...]

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